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Pair 2 NS - George Gibson / Janet Millward
Place: 2, Percentage: 54.17%
Board No vs Pr ContractLeadResult  Score  Matchpoints% 
Board 13: John Swan / Phil Jupe1H W6C8-1104100%
Board 23: John Swan / Phil Jupe1NT N4C8120250% 
Board 33: John Swan / Phil Jupe3S NAC7-10000% 
Board 43: John Swan / Phil Jupe2C E6D10-130375% 
Board 52: Wendy Banham / David Davis6D N5C11-10000% 
Board 62: Wendy Banham / David Davis3D S4H10130375% 
Board 72: Wendy Banham / David Davis5S NJD11650375% 
Board 82: Wendy Banham / David Davis2S E2D11-200250% 
Board 91: Sam Murray / Liz Tier4S N3H10420375% 
Board 101: Sam Murray / Liz Tier3H W9C9-14000% 
Board 111: Sam Murray / Liz Tier3D W2C71004100%
Board 121: Sam Murray / Liz Tier  adjadj 

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